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Hello hardworking fundraisers in challenging times.

Yes, it has gone a little quiet in recruitment-land (there are a lot of competing priorities for charities right now)  and my virtual doors are still open. 

There are currently some logistical challenges with recruitment – social distancing was going to make it difficult for interviewing and onboarding, but with people working from home, all processes are now virtual and online.  There will now be budget re-sets as well as delays with resignations and start dates and the hiring of replacements or new roles.

While we are adjusting to working from home, I am hoping that some of you may get a little time to play ‘catch-up’ with your career to-do-list (in between home science projects with children, supporting front-line colleagues and distanced family!) 

If you are inspired and have time, here are a few things to consider:

  1. A quick update to your CV and Linked In profile, keep it simple! Think about your recent successes and add some statistics
  1. Do you have a professional fundraising career plan? What role would you like to see yourself in, in 3, then 5 years’ time?
  2. What Professional Development will you need to get there? A mentor, conferences (NZ and/or overseas), workshops, international blogs, FINZ membership/events. Research what’s on offer and check if there is a PD budget – make a plan, write a proposal and back yourself

Things will go back to a new normal after this period, and be assured - professional fundraisers are highly valued and will always be in short supply so do all you can to stay relevant and at the top of your game.

With the slow-down, I’m taking some time to work on my new database – many thanks to those of you with up-to-date Linked In profiles.  Feel free to send me your CV or call/email if you’d like to discuss any issues around your CV or the best way to update your Linked In profile, I’m also up for any meatier conversations around career progression, salary or sector prospects.  

Kia kaha and stay safe.



Tilda Bostwick is the founder and director of Fundraising Talent Recruitment and a Fellow of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ).  With 16 years as a fundraiser and matchmaking skills honed over nearly seven years with Execucare NZ, she offers an in-depth first-hand knowledge of the sector, unrivalled networks and a creative and collaborative approach to recruitment.   Fundraising Talent’s kaupapa is to honour our talented and dedicated fundraising professionals and to provide affordable and flexible recruitment services to the NFP sector.
Photo by Claris Jacobs


Playing Catch-Up with your Career To-Do-List

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