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Positive social change around complex issues requires a shift from the isolated impact of individual organisations to a more coordinated cross-sector approach. In simple terms Collective Impact occurs when organisations agree to solve a specific social or community problem using a common agenda, aligning their efforts, and using common measures of success. It goes well beyond a desire to work collaboratively; rather it employs a high level of trust, communication and interconnection.

Collective Impact initiatives are currently being employed to address a wide variety of issues around the world and we have seen its introduction in New Zealand by many local communities, such as in Porirua’s Shine movement, which is supported by Flightdec and the Our Porirua online community.

Flightdec can provide online infrastructure and communications support for Collective Impact initiatives and participating organisations, through allowing participating websites to share content with each other. This can be dynamic content, such as blogs, articles and events, through to more static content, such as libraries of resources information that can be curated at the source and curated in receiving websites (filtered for relevance).

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